Best Flooring Nailers For 2023 – With Exclusive Buying Guide

Best Flooring Nailer

Flooring nailers come with special designs to efficiently install hardwood flooring. When compared to manually installing floors, the best flooring nailer makes the job easier. It can precisely and beautifully handle both soft and hard flooring boards.

However, without knowing their pros and cons, you can’t easily find the best flooring nail gun from a bunch of products swarming over in the market. To make things easier, we have come up with a comprehensive buying guide and 7 of our top choices for flooring nailers.

We hope by reviewing our comprehensive guide you can find the best one for you.

Let’s dive in:

Our Premium Picks for The Flooring Nailers

Product Features
NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer Best Overall NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer (Editor Ratings: 4.9/5)
  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring Stapler Runner-Up DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring Stapler (Editor Ratings: 4.8/5)
  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 10.6 Pounds
  • Warranty: 3 Years
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Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic Flooring Nailer Premium Pick Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic Flooring Nailer (Editor Ratings: 4.7/5)
  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 11 Pounds
  • Warranty: 7 Years
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BOSTITCH BTFP12569 Flooring Nailer Good Choice BOSTITCH BTFP12569 Flooring Nailer (Editor Ratings: 4.7/5)
  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 10.2 Pounds
  • Warranty: 7 Years
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3PLUS HFS509040SP Pneumatic Flooring Stapler/Nailer 3PLUS HFS509040SP Pneumatic Flooring Stapler/Nailer (Editor Ratings: 4.6/5)
  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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Top 7 Best Flooring Nailer Reviews

1. NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

NuMax SFL618 Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year

The NuMax SFL618 is one of the best pneumatic flooring nailers. It has an aluminum casing and solid steel that has been heat-treated for toughness and better durability. It is quite compact and simple to carry in challenging circumstances because of the alloy construction.

It includes a long fiberglass mallet that is sufficiently cushioned for greater control and accuracy in the activities. This three-in-one flooring nailer includes multiple fastening lengths and a multi functional structure. Another means of maintaining order in the workspace is its non-marring tip.

The three various kinds of fasteners are 16-gauge, T-cleats and L-cleats, as well as 15.5-gauge 1 1/2-inch crown staples that range in length from 1-1 1/2 inches. As a result, you can use it for stapling and nailing with just one tool. Therefore, you can save money and time.

We truly loved the tool-less depth adjust ability, which makes quick installation and accurate nailing possible. For reliable fastening, this unit also incorporates a quick jam-releasing mechanism. It avoids jamming and clogging the nail gun. The comfortable long-reach grip and small striking pad boost productivity while ensuring ease and comfort throughout prolonged use.

Key Features

  • Comfortable long-reach grip
  • Long fiberglass mallet
  • Heat-treated for toughness
  • Quick jam-releasing mechanism

What We Like

The solid steel construction is heat-treated for toughness. This nailer has various kinds of fasteners for better compatibility. The comfortable striking pad boosts productivity and efficiency.

What We Don’t Like

Talking of drawbacks, this tool is good for household use but not so perfect for professional sectors.

2. DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring Stapler

DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring Stapler

  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 10.6 Pounds
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Now, we have arrived with our next top pick for flooring nailers that come from the popular brand DeWalt. DEWALT DWFP12569 Flooring Staple is light and compact that easily fits into the smallest angles. This is the best cordless flooring nailer out there.

It is powered by a rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to buy any extra air compressor or hose to operate this tool. This can also save you some money and effort. It again has a durable build quality that not only handles demanding tasks but also resists any wear and tear.

Additionally, this flooring nail gun incredibly works below 14° F temperatures, making it more versatile than those nailers that power through air compressors. The adjustable depth of drive ensures proper nail placement whereas the quick jam-releasing system helps remove stuck nails.

The best flooring nailer brand also comes with additional accessories such as the battery, carrying case, charger, spare gas, etc. You can conveniently store extra nails in the carrying case, thereby giving you proper storage of the tool.

Key Features

  • Light and compact
  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • Provides additional accessories
  • Adjustable depth of drive

What We Like

This flooring nailer is easy to use with a rechargeable battery for a longer lifespan. It is convenient to store the tool with a handy carrying case. It can work below 14° F temperatures, making it the most versatile option.

What We Don’t Like

We discovered that this tool tends to cause mar edges when working on pre-finished hardwood.

3. Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

Freeman PFL618BR Pneumatic Flooring Nailer

  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 11 Pounds
  • Warranty: 7 Years

We discovered this amazing 3-in-1 Freeman pneumatic flooring nailer with many features when reading the best flooring nailer review. This tool is going to blow your head with its design. Its aluminum body guarantees convenience and durability. It has a long ergonomic handle that is sufficiently padded to provide convenience as well as control over the operation.

Moreover, the rubber handle makes the operation vibration-free and lessens hand fatigue. With the Freeman PFL618BR, a multipurpose nailer, you can fire a trio of types of nails. Nailings, L-cleats, and T-cleats are these. Even without switching magazines, you can still drive these fasteners, giving you greater job adaptability.

The best flooring nailer brand has non-marring interchangeable base plates that hold it in place and safeguard finished flooring from abrasion. For safety reasons, there is a substantial fiberglass maul with a padded grip and a blow-molded shell.

The compact strike pad and ergonomically long-reach grip increase productivity while providing ease and convenience throughout extended use. To quickly reach the driving blade, this pneumatic flooring nailer incorporates a semi-quick jam-clearing mechanism. Thus, unclogging stuck nails is simple.

Key Features

  • Semi-quick jam-clearing mechanism
  • Fiberglass maul with a padded grip
  • Multipurpose nailer
  • Three different fasteners

What We Like

The aluminum body of this nailer ensures resilience and comfort whereas the fasteners provide greater job flexibility. Also, an ergonomic long-reach grip leads to better performance.

What We Don’t Like

We found no noticeable drawbacks to this pneumatic flooring nailer.

4. BOSTITCH BTFP12569 Flooring Nailer

BOSTITCH BTFP12569 Flooring Nailer

  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 10.2 Pounds
  • Warranty: 7 Years

BOSTITCH BTFP12569 is the best nailer for 1/2 engineered flooring. With this 2-in-1 nailer, you can drive 15.5GA Staples and 16 GA L-Cleats. This device features adjustable base plates (½”, ⅝”, and ¾”) to accommodate a variety of flooring types and shoots nails between 1-½ ” to 2″ in diameter.

This tool’s depth adjustment mechanism, which is useful for making rapid depth adjustments, is one of its best features. With its large power output, you will always enjoy correct nailing performance. It has a nice rubber handle and a long, ergonomic grip that is built for all-day use. With only 10.2 pounds, it is small and light.

An oil-free engine simplifies upkeep because it requires less energy to operate the device. To ensure user comfort, it incorporates a rear air exhauster that keeps the work surface dust-free. Furthermore, to experience excellent shooting, you can choose between sequential and contact ways thanks to its customizable actuation mechanism.

On top of that, the integrated trigger lockout function prevents dry firing. The tool incorporates a filtered air intake mechanism to protect it from excessive moisture. It allows for handling a variety of tasks due to its high nailing capacity. Overall, it’s the best hardwood flooring nailer.

Key Features

  • Filtered air intake mechanism
  • Selective actuation mechanism
  • Oil-free engine
  • Depth adjustment mechanism

What We Like

This nailer can prevent dry firing thanks to an inbuilt trigger lockout feature. For improved control and effectiveness, it uses a long, ergonomic grip and excellent rubber handle while also incorporating movable base plates to accommodate various jobs.

What We Don’t Like

We experienced the nail gun being a bit bothersome and uncomfortable to work with one arm.

5. 3PLUS HFS509040SP Pneumatic Flooring Stapler/Nailer

3PLUS HFS509040SP Pneumatic Flooring Stapler

  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 3.5 Pounds
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Despite being a new brand in the nailer industry, 3PLUS HFS509040SP has become one of the best flooring nailers for home use. It is a pneumatic air compressor-powered nail gun that offers better cost-effectiveness and superior power input. It is beautifully built for solid or composite hardwood flooring that is 1/4″ to 5/8″ thick.

With the help of this nailer, you can drive 18 gauge thin crown staples with a ¼-inches crown that is between ⅝-inches and 1-½”-inches in diameter and 18 gauge brad nails that are between ¾-inches and 2-inches in diameter.

Although being a new company, it has taken a top position on our list and established itself as the best inexpensive flooring nailer. Despite the low price, it doesn’t necessarily offer the worst performance. This pneumatic nailer has enough air pressure to deliver long-lasting, accurate nailing.

Besides that, the side skid plates keep it from slipping, ensuring optimal protection. Additionally, the quick setup is facilitated by the 360° toolless adjustable air exhaust, which also guards your face against dust and other particles. The quick jam-releasing function comes useful to remove stuck nails and makes it easy to maintain the tool.

Key Features

  • 360° toolless adjustable air exhaust
  • Quick jam-releasing function
  • Side skid plates
  • Suitable for solid or composite hardwood flooring

What We Like

It is a superior option in terms of value and has a high power efficiency. It can fire nails accurately and continuously with sufficient air pressure, making it appropriate for a range of fastener sizes.

What We Don’t Like

We found the construction materials poor and not so reliable for long-lasting operation.

6. Powernail PALM001 PowerPalm 16/18 Gauge Flooring Cleat Nailer

Powernail PALM001

  • Gauge: 16 and 18 gauge
  • Length: 1 inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Despite being a new brand in the nail gun industry, Powernail PALM001 PowerPalm is the best floor nailer. It is a smaller and more lightweight nailer that makes flooring wooden boards quite easier. Being small and compact in design, this flooring nailer is good to go for smaller projects.

The good news is that it also offers compatible gauge sizes of 16-gauge and 18-gauge to ensure an efficient and smooth floor shooting experience. These two gauge ratings also allow you to drive flooring nailers with both flooring nails and staples ranging from 1 1/2″ to 2″.

Even in nailing the thinner wooden boards, this sleek flooring nail gun offers optimum performance. As its name implies, you can easily regulate this Powernail PowerPalm with your palm. This function makes it the easiest and quickest choice for flooring nailers.

However, being a smaller brand of flooring nailers, it only offers a year of warranty. That can’t be very satisfying but the build quality is quite trustworthy. Overall, it has become the best manual flooring nailer out there.

Key Features

  • Offers a year of warranty
  • Compact in design
  • Easy to use and regulate
  • Two compatible gauge ratings

What We Like

Being lightweight and compact, this flooring nailer is easy to maneuver and is compatible with various applications. It also ensures an efficient and smooth floor shooting experience.

What We Don’t Like

We found this tool is not compatible with the L cleat nails in case of drawbacks.

7. Valu-Air 9800RC 3-in-1 Flooring Cleat Nailer

Valu-Air 9800RC 3-in-1 Flooring Cleat Nailer

  • Gauge: 15.5 and 16 gauge
  • Length: 1 ½ inch to 2 inch
  • Weight: 13.3 Pounds
  • Warranty: Not specified

Valu-Air 9800RC 3-in-1 Flooring Cleat nailer is the best flooring nailer under 200. It comes with a 3-in-1 design with 16-gauge nail sizes to drive through L & T cleats as well as a 15.5-gauge flooring staple ranging from 1-½-inches to 2-inches.

It also features base plates that can be switched between 1/2″ and 5/8″ to fit the depth of the flooring. The no-Mar rubber paddle ensures user safety and comfort. In addition to this, it has ¼-inches NPT to fit air hose couplers and most of the flooring materials.

We loved the ergonomic grip handle most which ensured easier operation. The die-cast aluminum construction makes it not only sturdy but also lightweight to manage. Once again, you can get the required nail thickness in both heavy and light materials thanks to the adjustable depth dial.

The operating pressure range of 70-110 PSI boasts a high power rating and becomes the most efficient option available. The tool is also simple to use and manage thanks to its removable accessories. To avoid nail jam and to ensure that every nail inserted into the inbuilt nose magnet is used to its fullest extent, it incorporates a jam-clearing function.

Key Features

  • 70-110 PSI operating pressure
  • Lightweight to manage
  • Efficient tool
  • Removable accessories

What We Like

The adjustable depth dial is helpful for quick setup, and also offers the best efficiency, and is lightweight enough to be easy to manage. High operating pressure also enables it to be used for various tasks.

What We Don’t Like

We experienced that the build quality needs a bit of improvement.

What is The Best Air Compressor for Flooring Nailers?


  • Capacity: 6 Gallon
  • Pressure: 150 PSI Max
  • Max Power: 0.2 HP
  • Air Flow: 2.6 CFM
  • Weight: 32 Pounds

CRAFTSMAN CMEC6150K is the best air compressor for flooring nailers. It is the greatest option regarding the ideal PSI. This tool is useful for fixing household items, flooring, and other things alongside offering sufficient air adjustments.

With its rapid speed and highest PSI rate, you can work precisely to complete any challenging project. This gear has a 6-gallon tank with the ability to continuously give exceptional power and efficiency.

With nailers, it provides a stress-free, stable operation at the maximal pressure of 150 PSI. This air compressor is capable of operating in any weather, withstanding any deterioration. Also, it has an oil-free motor and a strong engine, making it durable and simple to maintain.

Instead of purchasing them individually, you can save money by using the accessories that come with the tank. You may ease your work and save costs with these additional kits. Once again, the company provides a year of manufacturing warranty against any failures in addition to 24/7 customer service.

Key Features

  • 150 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Offers additional kits
  • Provides a stress-free, stable operation
  • Pancake tank design

What We Like

This tool comes with accessories like an air hose, a rubber edge, a nozzle, etc. It has a distinct advantage due to the high tool capacity. The combustion is not problematic. It is simpler to maintain an oil-free engine that is practical. Moreover, a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is offered.

What We Don’t Like

About the shortcomings, this air compressor only works with Craftsman nailers.

What to Consider in The Best Flooring Nailer | The Helpful Buying Guide

While exploring the best flooring nailer reviews, you need a quick guide to finding the best one. As a result, we have made a buying guide to help you make a worthwhile decision.

Pneumatic Or Manual

You should be aware of the type of flooring nailer that will best meet your needs before making a purchase. There are two types of flooring nailers: manual and pneumatic. Although both of these varieties are effective at installing floors, you should consider their benefits and cons before making a purchase.

  • Manual flooring nailers

They are the most common type and easy to use without requiring any hose or air compressor for firing nails into wooden floors. As their name implies, they are powered by manual force. The best manual flooring nailer can ensure a longer runtime and efficiency.

Without requiring additional tools for the operation, they are the most reasonable option and can lower operating costs. However, they are not as powerful as pneumatic nailers and can’t handle professional-grade flooring tasks.

  • Pneumatic flooring nailers

They are the most versatile and powerful tools, making them ideal for both DIYers and professionals. Powered by air compressors, they boast excellent power efficiency.

These nailers are faster and ensure more precise shooting of nails into wooden floors. However, because of their higher power rating, they are more expensive and tougher to handle than manual ones.

Work Purpose

Deciding on the work purpose should be your first task before buying a flooring nailer. You may want a flooring nailer either for household tasks or for professional purposes. As a result, it will provide a clear understanding and make it easier for you to choose the best choice.

  • Professional flooring nailers are strong and capable of driving many nails. With the ability to install many flooring components, they are a bit costly and difficult to manage.
  • Household flooring nailers could be your best choice if you have a DIY project ongoing. They come with a simple design and are easy to use to handle most of your household flooring tasks.

Types Of Flooring

If the incorrect nails are used for the flooring, they could either fail to secure the floor properly in position or merge the material, ruining your floor and resulting in irritating squeaking. So, it’s crucial to choose the ideal cleat gauge, generally, 16 or 18-gauge that exactly fits in an appropriate nailer for the gun’s correct firing.


The construction materials of the nailer will have the biggest impact on weight. Most of our reviewed nailers come with an aluminum construction that is a strong and long-lasting material without increasing the weight of the tool.

Make sure to buy a flooring nailer that is easy to maneuver and operate for an extended period. But it should not be so light that it is difficult to balance while operating. Choose versions that weigh less than 15 pounds instead, as this is recommended as the ideal choice.


The nailer you select should be comfortable to grip and use because flooring wood is a labor-intensive job. Choose a flooring nailer with a comfortable, ergonomic handle and enough rubber gripping. These ergonomic features make the handle non-slip and lessen hand pain.

Safety Features

Flooring nailers can be very dangerous if used improperly. The best flooring nail guns come with several safety measures to lower the possibility of injuries.

Firstly, they include a safety tip for quick and convenient nail firing as well as to avoid accidentally driving nails. Moreover, some flooring nailers have two firing modes that you can switch between, including consecutive firing and contact shooting.

Also, certain models include preventive lockout mechanisms that shield you against unintentional shooting. As well, as a safety feature, certain flooring nailers have rubberized surfaces. This feature prevents sliding issues and ensures your safety while operating.

Fastening Choice

Manual floor fastening generally requires cleat nails, whereas pneumatic variants give you the choice between a nailer and a stapler. There is one more choice to be made when purchasing a pneumatic nailer: whether to get one that uses T-cleats or L-cleats.


Generally speaking, some flooring nail guns only work with one fastener, while other types use both fasteners like nails and staples of different diameters. If you intend to employ the nail gun for a variety of jobs, choose a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 type that can adapt to various fastening choices.

When repairing different types and densities of wood flooring, opt for a nailer with more adaptability. Some types contain changeable base plates that can be used to install flooring that is both 3/4″ and 1/2″ thick. Thus, make sure your product has the appropriate base plate for installing flooring.


Choosing a flooring nailer that is simple to use is crucial because flooring is a challenging task. Your tasks may become simple and comfy as a result. You can choose a compact nailer with lots of helpful features like an ergonomic handle, a depth drive that is simple to change, an adjustable air exhaust, etc. These special aspects will expedite the whole flooring procedure and guarantee that you won’t get tired while working.


The sizes, materials, and features of these nailers will have a big impact on how much they cost. The floor nail guns will typically cost between $50 and $500. To get the greatest deal, take into account the nailer’s functions, constructability, and budget range.


Investing in a sturdy flooring nailer with a long warranty duration is a wise choice. A dependable tool will provide you with trouble-free operation for a longer time. A variety of models have varying warranty terms. Choose the one that gives you confidence.

Safety Tips While Using a Flooring Nailer

install hardwood floor

Following are some of the safety tips you should follow while using a flooring nailer:

  • Take protective measures

Make sure to protect your head and eyes before starting flooring. Since any malfunction may cause the machine to fire nails or staples at your work surface, this may cause damage to your eyes. Wear safety goggles to protect yourself. In order to avoid accidental firing, keep the operating pressure minimal. Because high operating pressure can cause dust and wood particles to flow rapidly and enter your eyes and respiratory system.

  • Examine the nailer before use

Before getting started, it is crucial to make sure that all of the tool’s parts and components are in good condition. For example, if the manual device uses tension, it’s essential to liquefy its components with oil to ensure effortless and dependable operation.

  • Correct positioning of the nails or staples

Safety must be your first concern and thus you must verify the essential component of its correct operation. Once you’ve checked, cautiously and firmly install the nail. Also, choose nails that meet all requirements for size, diameter, operating material, etc. Avoid loading a nailer with its pointer pointed at other people. Try and ensure to install it with your arms extended.

  • Make proper use of the nailer

If utilized improperly or discharged incorrectly, pointy, piercing nails will harm everybody. Pets and kids must not have access to these nailers. Any child could accidentally shoot someone, putting themselves in danger. Avoid touching the trigger with your finger unnecessarily.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Flooring Nailers?

A device employed to drive flooring nails into wooden floors is called a flooring nailer. They can install new cleats and staples or remove old ones from the surface without the need for additional tools.

Generally, two types of flooring nailers are available in the market such as manual flooring nailers and pneumatic flooring nailers.

Benefits of using manual flooring nailer:

They are the most common type and easy to use without requiring any hose or air compressor for firing nails into wooden floors. As their name implies, they are powered by manual force. Without requiring additional tools for the operation, they are the most reasonable option and can lower operating costs.

Benefits of using pneumatic flooring nailers:

They are the most versatile and powerful tools, making them ideal for both DIYers and professionals. Powered by air compressors, they boast excellent power efficiency. These nailers are faster and ensure more precise shooting of nails into wooden floors. Overall, they are the best flooring nailer for hickory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Who makes the best flooring nailer?

Various brands like NuMax, DeWalt, Freeman, Bostitch, and Powernail are popular names in the nail gun industry that make the best flooring nailer.

Q: What nail gun should I use for flooring?

An 18-gauge flooring nailer is an ideal option when using a lighter or delicate flooring substance. A competent contractor, however, can manage thicker and tougher hardwood floorboards with ease by using a 16-gauge flooring nailer.

Q: Can you use a brad nailer for flooring?

The effective approach for fastening flooring is with a flooring nail gun, although a brad nailer, when used properly, is a good second choice. The two most important factors are shooting at the proper angle and selecting the ideal nails.

Q: What size nail gun for flooring?

A 16-gauge flooring nailer is a recommended option for hardwood flooring.

Q: Which flooring nailer is the best?

NuMax SFL618 is the best flooring nailer on the market. Because this 3-in-1 nailer has durable building quality and lightweight construction for ease of use while also being the most versatile option compatible with different fastener sizes.

Q: Can you use 18 gauge nails for flooring?

Sure. An 18-gauge nail is a good option for hardwood flooring. You can efficiently use an 18-gauge nail for soft-engineered hardwood flooring.


If you work in residential buildings or any other building sector, you are aware of how crucial it is to complete the flooring process properly. Thus, a flooring nailer is a very helpful and important tool. This guide covers some of the best flooring nailer on the market, in addition to a thorough buying guide, a list of their main characteristics, and other key information.

When choosing the ideal flooring nail gun for you, these factors might be quite helpful. Good luck with your next flooring project!

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