How To Clean Gutters From The Ground – Keep Your Feet on the Ground

How To Clean Gutters From The GroundGutters are indeed an essential part of any building’s roofing system. A clean gutter directs rainwater away from the roof. But water damage, mold growth, and even structural issues appear when it gets clogged. If you know how to clean gutters from the ground, there might be no need to leave the gutters to have all those issues.

After all, climbing up and doing the rest of the job is not always possible. Even hiring a professional for cleaning can be expensive. But do not worry! Several methods are available to clean them without climbing up.

In this article, I have shown four practical methods for cleaning gutters from the ground. They are a leaf blower, pressure washer, wet/dry vacuum, and garden hose. You can select any of these methods without lifting your body to the roof. However, I suggest you clean the gutters to keep them in good condition.

Why Clean Gutters From The Ground?

Have you thought about why you should clean nasty gutters from the ground? Let me explain it well!

Consider a traditional method: bring and set a ladder, climb up and down, and drag all the debris. If you miss steps on the ladder, you may break your limbs falling. Moreover, manually removing debris by going up takes a lot of time.

If you choose to clean them from the ground, firstly, you do not need the stress of climbing up any ladder for cleaning gutters. Staying on the ground to clean gutters is safer and hassle-free. Besides, it can save whole cleaning time and bring good results.

Methods You Can Follow

You can follow multiple options to clean gutters without climbing up. Also, cleaning materials are readily available at home.

Leaf Blower Method

You will love this method, especially if your gutters are clogged with fallen leaves. No climbing, still cleaning the debris without climbing a ladder. Besides, it is an efficient and cost-effective way to clean gutters.

Choose the suitable leaf blower.

Take a robust leaf blower with an extended nozzle to reach the gutters from the ground. To be precise, gas-powered leaf blowers are more powerful than others. But you can choose an electric one too.

Position the leaf blower.

Stand at the end of the gutter and remain stable to avoid steep slopes or uneven terrain. Then, angle the blower nozzle upwards towards the debris.

Start blowing.

Turn on the machine and start blowing the debris towards the downspout. Take enough time to avoid missing any corners. Repeat this step to complete the whole area.

Clean the debris and leaf blower.

Collect all the debris with a rake or gloved hands and dispose of it properly. Also, clean the leaf blower thoroughly to keep it in the proper condition.

Pressure Washer Method

You can conduct this method if you want a better cleaning, especially for wet and heavier debris. Pressure or power washers are strong enough to deal with them. But it would help if you were careful using them.

Take the pressure washer.

Do you have a pressure washer with a long wand attachment? If so, you are good to go! You can use any pressure washer to do the gutter cleaning job.

Set your posture.

Angle the washer wand towards the gutters after firmly placing yourself on the ground. You should be aware of not damaging your siding or roofing by spraying too hard.

Start the washing process.

You can start by rinsing the gutters with water to remove loose debris. Next, put extra pressure to blast away any stubborn clogs or build-up. Take enough time to cover the whole gutter.

Clean the debris & pressure washer:

Repeat the washing process and collect all the debris using a rake. Toss them out to keep the area neat and clean. Besides, clean the pressure washer if it has got dirty.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Method

Vacuums are very effective in eliminating debris from gutters. But they are not as effective as the above methods. Still, you don’t need to climb and experience any dangers of using a ladder.

Grab the vacuum cleaner.

You can select any wet/dry vacuum cleaner to follow this method. But be sure that it has enough suction power to remove debris.

Hold the hose.

Stand at the end of the gutter. Then, angle the hose towards the debris in the gutter.

Start vacuuming.

Turn on the machine and use the hose to suck up the debris in the gutters.

Cover the whole gutter.

Use the hose repeatedly to suck all the unwanted debris. Ensure there are no leftover leaves, plastics, or pinecones.

Clean the debris & vacuum cleaner.

Bring out all the collected debris from the bag of the vacuum cleaner. Then, dispose of them properly.

Garden Hose Method:

You can use a garden hose to keep your gutters in good condition. It is an affordable and simple way to remove garbage without prior experience.

Angle the hose.

Stand at the end of the gutter. Then, angle the garden hose towards the debris.

Turn on the faucet.

Now, turn on the water faucet and let the water flow toward gutter debris. Wash all of them till you see the surface is clean. Hence, you should keep the flow rate moderate to avoid damage to the surface.

Clean up.

Clean all the fallen debris out of the gutters using a rake. You may also use your hands to remove them. But there should be gloves in your hand. Lastly, resolve the collected debris in the specific place.

Pros & Cons of DIY Gutter Cleaning

All the above methods are DIY (do it yourself) jobs, meaning you do not need others to clean the gutters.

Pros Cons
Cheaper than hiring an expert Need to say aware of safety
You can clean gutters whenever you want Requires some knowledge about the methods
You can learn about your home’s gutter system Time-consuming processes
Climbing & non-climbing methods available

So, you can see you can save money and do as you wish if you prefer DIY cleaning methods. But spending some money to hire professionals can bring better results.

Safety Tips for Gutter Cleaning from the Ground:

You should follow some safety measures even if cleaning gutters from the ground. They can be:

  • Wear safety kits, including gloves, safety goggles, and a dust mask. They will protect your hands, eyes, and respiratory system from debris.
  • You can use a step ladder, work platform, or scaffolding to elevate yourself without going up.
  • Use tools like a gutter scoop or brush with long handles to avoid reaching too far.

Final Words

Still, are you thinking about how to clean gutters from the ground? I hope you can clean the stubborn dirt, dust, pinecones, and plastics off the gutter system.

I suggest you be cautious and use the tools properly to avoid danger and achieve satisfying cleaning. Also, you should clean the gutters at least twice a year to keep gutters fit. If there are any leaks or blockages, repair and resolve them quickly.

Thanks for reading the whole blog!

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